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Off Site Shredding in New Brunswick

Off site shredding is the operation of transporting your materials from your location to a secure New Brunswick facility and shredding them. This process is compliant with every current federal and New Jersey privacy laws, including HIPAA.

Off site shredding is common because it is generally cheaper to shred at a plant than at your New Jersey location. It has a high level of security since only badged employees partnering with New Brunswick Shredding Service are allowed to come in contact with the paper or even be in the plant.

offsite shredding service in New Brunswick

Trained security drivers transport your files in a locked truck, guarding it until it arrives at a locked shredding facility. Upon the delivery of the materials for destruction, the bins are weighed. Once recorded, they are lined up to start the shredding process. 

The material is fed directly into the giant shredder, processing about 20,000 pounds an hour. A certificate of destruction is issued with the total weight that verifies that your materials were destroyed. 

Once papers are shredded they are compacted and shipped directly to a paper company where the material is pulped to make new paper.

How Off Site Shredding Works in New Brunswick

  • Collect your materials that need to be destroyed.
  • A driver comes to your New Brunswick location and pick up your items in locked bins.
  • The bins are safely taken to the shredding facility.
  • The paper is shredded, baled, and pulped down into new paper.
  • A certificate of destruction is issued.

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