New Brunswick Shredding Service

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New Brunswick Shredding Service is dedicated to providing affordable shredding solutions for your private business information. We understand the desire to handle your sensitive records carefully and for your organization to comply with all New Jersey and national privacy requirements.

About New Brunswick Shredding Service

New Brunswick Shredding Service offers a variety of shredding service options that will meet your needs at a reasonable price. Our network can shred anything from one box to one hundred boxes worth of paperwork in minutes. 

New Jersey contractors will drive out to any location in the greater New Brunswick metro region and either shred your documents onsite, or transport them to a secure facility for shredding. 

Let us help you find the best solution for your shredding needs today. Give us a call at (732) 979-2577 or fill out the form on the right for free quotes.

Featured Article

Why Homes in New Brunswick Need to Shred Their Documents
Cases of identity theft are constantly surfacing as thieves think of ever more creative ways to steal your personal information. 

Shredding services are not only used at large New Jersey companies anymore; they can just as easily come straight to your home and shred your personal documents for you. Read more here to see how shredding services can help you and your family stay safe.

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New Brunswick Shredding Service will set you up with the best shredding service for your business needs. Depending on your volume, location and your security needs, we will pair you with the most comprehensive and affordable shredding service in New Jersey.

To get started simply fill out the form on the right, or give us a call at (732) 979-2577 for free quotes.

New Jersey Shredding Services

  • On Site Shredding - Shredding trucks come to your business or home and shred your confidential materials at your site. You can watch the entire process.
  • Off Site Shredding - Paper is picked up at your location and taken to a secure shredding plant. A great option for larger jobs to save money.
  • Hard Drive Shredding - Magnetic media including hard drives are physically destroyed and the pieces are melted down for metal recycling.
  • Document Scanning - Our professionals scan and index thousands of documents quickly and efficiently. Our contractors can even shred the documents once they've been scanned.

Service Options in New Brunswick

  • Ongoing Service - Daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled shredding services. Your are given locked bins for your paperwork, and a driver stops by your location to regularly shred the contents.
  • Purge Service - Annual, one-time, or occasional shredding services. A driver makes a one-time stop at your location to shred your private documents. Costs are calculated based on volume.