Why Homes in New Brunswick Need to Shred Their Documents
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Why Homes in New Brunswick Need to Shred Their Documents

People take special care when it comes to the protection of their families and large investments. People lock their homes, apartments and cars regularly to ensure they don’t get stolen, broken into or damaged. However when it comes to their identities, people often forget to make the same effort to keep themselves safe. 

If you have documents with private information in your home or apartment, they are at risk of being stolen, along with your identity. No matter how good your home security system is, and no matter what New Jersey neighborhood you live in, you are still vulnerable. 

New Brunswick Identity Theft

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New cases of identity theft and fraud surface every day. Far too often New Brunswick citizens find themselves as victims of identity theft without having any idea as to how it happened. The sad truth is, it could have been caused by something as simple as having thrown their personal papers in the dumpster behind their house. 

Everyday people carelessly throw away bank statements, pay stubs, and medical reports. And thieves know this—they specifically target your trash and are willing to dumpster dive to obtain your information. This is why it’s imperative to shred your documents before you throw them out. 

There are several laws in place that protect victims of identity theft. Federal (and New Jersey) law states that victims are not responsible for any more than $50 in fraudulent charges on their accounts. However, if you factor in the costs of the time and effort spent trying to reorganize a financial situation and rebuild a credit score, the cost of shredding your paperwork before tossing it certainly becomes more reasonable. 

Document shredding services are not just for large companies anymore. Advancements in the field of paper shredding have made it easier than ever for a household to make use of these services. New Brunswick Shredding Service’s network offers on site shredding if you’d like to watch to make sure your documents are destroyed, and off site shredding, if you are looking for a more economical solution. 

Both services have a truck come directly to your location to pick up your documents, and a certificate of destruction is always issued. These services make the process so easy, there’s no reason not to have your personal documents shredded before you toss them. These days it’s the smart, affordable thing to do. 

New Brunswick Shredding Service local contractors can pick up anywhere from one box of paperwork to a room full of documents from anywhere in New Jersey and easily destroy them in minutes. Allow yourself to feel secure and know that you and your family don’t need to worry—your documents are long gone. 

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